Dennis Coal & Stove Co., Inc.

Benefits of Heating Your Home With a Coal Stove

Comfort and warmth
Anthracite provides the most comfortable, even heat of any fuel source available.
Cost savings
By adding an anthracite stove or fireplace insert, homeowners can reduce heating costs by
up to 60% or more. Anthracite's cost per BTU is less than any other fuel.
Modern anthracite stoves burns up to 36 hours without tending and there's very little clean up involved.
Anthracite coal is very hard, has a low sulfur content and burns cleanly, in fact anthracite stoves meet all EPA emission standards.
No smoke
Anthracite is an approved alternative in parts of the country where wood-burning is restricted or banned.
Save space
Anthracite coal can be stored outside because it does not absorb moisture or "go bad".
No chimney
With our direct vent models, no chimney is necessary.