Dennis Coal & Stove

Delivery Guidelines

We have had to change our guidelines for coal deliveries effective immediately. We were able to handle many varied, out of the ordinary deliveries in the past but because of the sheer numbers of our delivery customers, we are paring deliveries down to reasonably accessible and pretty much straight forward drops. If you are on "soft" ground, you will probably need to take your delivery during the summer months when it's drier. We can deliver up to 6 ton at a time.

If your delivery is "very tight" space wise, we may need for you to make a change or alteration in your coal storage set up. We are no longer able to chute coal over extensive lengths of landscaped areas or blocking up the truck in awkward angles to reach the bin. We regret any inconvenience to our customers and really like to accommodate everyone, but we also want to minimize any chance of damage during deliveries.

We send out one driver and if several people are needed to move or rake the coal during your delivery, we will need you to arrange for that extra help. If your driveway is very steep, then you will need to take summer deliveries and have enough storage for your winter coal needs.

We can no longer try to traverse difficult icy driveways and roadways in winter. Because of the issues relating to the coal freezing in the trucks, we are no longer sending the trucks out in weather under 28 degrees F or when visibility is bad. Please plan accordingly.

If you will be needing coal, you must give us at least 1 week's notice that you are in need of a delivery. Please don't wait until you are nearly out of coal before you call. When you place your order, please correctly specify the size of the coal you need. Know what kind of heating appliance you have and we can help you to determine exactly what your stove/furnace burns. If you place an order for the wrong coal, you will be responsible for an extra charge, as we have to bring the coal back and re-schedule your delivery.

When we deliver bagged coal, please flag the spot where you would like it unloaded or plan on being there to indicate where the delivery should be placed. We have flags for that purpose, just stop in and pick one up anytime or ask our driver for one. There is a 3 ton minimum on delivered pre-bagged coal.

When we deliver bulk coal, there is a 2 or 3 ton minimum and the delivery charge depends on the distance you are from us. The mileage is calculated one way at $1.50/mile. We can let you know ahead what the delivery fee will be by Map-Questing or by documenting the actual miles.

If you order your coal and take delivery early, you will be able to take advantage of our early delivery specials. We will list them on our web site or you can call in May to see what they are.

Everybody and their brother are selling coal right now, but only a few are selling clean premium dustless anthracite, and only we sell the BEST! Protect your stove investment and buy only premium Reading Anthracite Coal! Remember not all coal is created equal!

Bulk at the barn is $265/ton. Bulk delivery is $295/ton with a 3 ton minimum plus mileage and Bulk delivery with a 2 ton minimum is $305/ton plus mileage. Bagged oiled coal at the barn is $325/ton for 50# bags or $8 /bag. Bagged and delivered is $335/ton plus mileage with a 3 ton minimum. Pre-bagged Reading (dry & 40 # poly bags with handles) is $325/ton or $6.45/bag.

Our smithing coal is $15 for a 50# bag or .30 per # and our cannel coal is $15 for a 50# bag and .30 per #. Bags are available for .60 for new or .25 for used bags.

If you need help, just ask and we will try to accommodate any special needs you might have in getting your bulk or bagged coal at our barn. 

If you don't like your coal wet, please get it during the summer when it has plenty of time to drain. Our coal is always "wetter in winter".